Peter J. Hatgelakas  -  serving the oil and gas industry for 30 years with                                                     APPALACHIAN BASIN expertise 

SKILL SETS:   mapping <all kinds>, seismic interpretations, seismic q/c, bird-dogging crews, computer graphical data processing, balanced cross-sections, log analysis, mud logging, well-site geology and well-site engineering, reservoir analysis, reserve analysis, decline analysis, economic analysis, basin analysis and studies, core analysis, review of production and well histories - workover recommendations, contractor bidding - scheduling - supervision

TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR & LEADER:   If your geologic staff needs inspiration, direction, training and technical resource - I'm your man.

OTHER SKILLS:   Mineral analysis - mineral identification <end member compositions> using light transmission and reflection microscopy.  He has the necessary immersion oils and petrographic microscopes.  Field mapping from outcrop work - old fashion Brunton work.  GPS work. Stereonet operations.  X-ray powder diffraction analysis.  Photogrammetric aerial studies of fault traces and fracture systems, and landsat imagery.  Research and technical report writing.  ESRI, GeoGraphix, Aries software and algorithm design to solve gridding and forecast problems.  Forward modeling, gravity and magnetic data analysis.  VLF surveys and mapping.
             He has had 30 years of oil and gas industry experience mapping almost every significant oil and gas bearing horizon in the Appalachain Basin.  He has had over one thousand of his well locations drilled with almost a 99% economic success rate. His technical expertise is in design, acquisition, processing, modeling and interpretation of seismic data.  He has mapped over one million line miles of seismic data across the foreland basin and the eastern overthrust.  He has a unique understanding of salt mechanics as it applies to a foreland basin setting, and as a results has generated much exploratory success.

             Mr. Hatgelakas was educated in the sciences at MIT, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Boston College and University of Pittsburgh.    At MIT he conducted introductory research on iron coordation as it applies to structures within certain silicate minerologies, with Dr. R. Burns.   Mr. Hatgelakas attended WPI where he worked with Dr. L.B. Sand on zeolites and iron silicates research.  During the four years of undergraduate studies he worked on phase mineralogy and synthesis of iron clays and certain iron pyroxeniod minerals.  Mr. Hatgelakas ran the x-ray lab and became versed in all aspects of diffraction techniques.   He was a teaching fellow at Boston College and studied under Prof. E.G. Bombolakis in structural geology and rock mechanics.  Afterwards he left to work at SSC where he was trained in all aspects of reflection and refraction exploration seismology.  After several years in industry he went back to school at U. of Pittsburgh studying under Dr. A. Reznik <and an assortment of Gulf Research adjunct professors> and attained a Masters in Petroleum Engineering. 

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